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What it was like traveling with Pompeo on his secret trip to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un

mike pompeo kim jong un This was something completely different: an under-the-radar, secret mission with only two American reporters as independent witnesses. "Dear Mr. Lee," mine read, "The Department of State grants your May 4, 2018 request for a special validation permitting travel to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ... Based on the information provided, we determined that the validation is in the national interest of the United States." The "national interest of the United States." Hmm, I pondered, had I ever done anything before that would qualify? Carol and I, who cover the State Department, were told to pack a bag and be on stand-by, but given no departure time, let alone a date. We were sworn to secrecy and advised that any leak of a potential Pompeo return to Pyongyang would be grounds for the two press seats on his plane to go empty. Rumors of the trip intensified through the weekend as European diplomats who wanted to meet with Pompeo to discuss the administration's imminent decision on the Iran deal — which Trump was preparing to withdraw from — were being told he would be out of the country on North Korea-related travel. Still, Saturday and Sunday passed with no word. Then, late on Monday afternoon, we were told we'd depart from the department's Foggy Bottom headquarters at 7:45 that night. We would fly overnight with refueling stops in Alaska and Japan, and go on to North Korea, returning in reverse order at some undetermined point. The State Department had allotted 10 hours of time on the ground.

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Read This Article For Some Great Info On Travel

Travel planning involves a lot of decisions to be made. This can be a fun event for you and your family. There are several tips in this article that will help you with your travel plans.

After choosing a destination, spend some time learning more about where you plan to travel. Buy a map of the place you're traveling to, and study the sightseeing sites, environment and museums. Once you arrive, it will be easier to maneuver through the area if you're familiar with it.

Try your best to get an aisle seat on the plane. The seat with a view leaves you trapped and at the mercy of the consideration of those next to you while the aisle seat allows you the freedom to move unrestricted for whatever action you need to take.

Always keep your essential items close to you when traveling. For example, if you have a purse with you, you should ensure it is securely underneath your arm. Bags with easy-to-use zippers may appear tempting at first, but they are also tempting to criminals who want to steal your stuff. You should keep these things in mind when trying to find a travel bag that will be reliable for you.

Use melted hotel ice to brew your morning coffee. Rather than using plain tap water for your coffee, fill an ice bucket to melt overnight. This allows you to brew that fresh tasting coffee using a different kind of filtered water.

Make sure your passport hasn't expired. Most countries have specific guidelines concerning expiration dates. Many will not let you enter their country if your passport expires in a certain window of time. Many countries require that your passport is valid for more than six months after entering their country.

One of the first steps you should take is to find out if you need a visa to enter the country you plan on visiting. Sometimes visas can take a long time to process so it is best to apply for one a long time before you are due to travel. Don't forget that without the right visa, you will not be able to enter some countries.

When you travel across time zones, jet lag becomes an issue. While it is impossible to avoid it altogether, you can minimize the effects by sleeping a bit more during the days leading up to the flight. Additionally, sleep during the flight as much as possible.

See if you can get the local rate at a hotel when traveling. Some hotels cut locals a break. If someone you know lives in the city you're traveling to, see if they can call and find out if there are any special offers available. This simple step can end up saving you a lot of money.

As mentioned in the introduction, planning for a trip can be a fun part of getting ready for your trip and getting off to a wonderful start. Keep the advice shared here in mind so that all of your future trips will be great ones. Boy Voyage!

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